Who is Paul Saladino? Sevan Matossian interviews me!

This episode is a bit different than my usual content. My friend, and former crossfit luminary, Sevan Matossian came on to interview me! We talk about my life, and many of the formative experiences that shaped who I am today. No punches were pulled in this episode and I spoke as authentically as possible about challenges, failure, and a few things I am proud of. I also talk about relationships, why I am still single, if I ever want kids, what I am doing in Costa Rica and other random but personal topics. 

I hope you enjoy this “opening of the kimono” (as Tim Ferriss might say). Thanks to Sevan for interviewing me, I certainly enjoyed getting the chance to tell some of my story. Love you all. 

Time Stamps:

0:11:30 - Introduction

0:13:30 - Am I a real doctor?

0:16:40 - Where I was born, my age, ethnicity, sign, and background as a child

0:25:40 - Society forgets that doctors and government figures are people just like us

0:28:30 - Doctors are mainly just operating off of guidelines

0:30:30 - My story of being in and out of hospitals and being stubborn with my medical diagnosis'

0:43:05 - What was school like for me?

0:47:30 - What would I do if my child was experiencing a delay in puberty?

0:49:25 - Did I partake in the "skater" activities as a child?

0:52:20 - Was elementary school easy for me?

0:57:40 - I went to a private high school because I was fearful of public school

0:59:30 - Would I ever be interested in doing spiritual drugs like LSD or DMT?

1:08:50 - We cannot be without our phones for just 15 minutes

1:10:40 - Do I workout every day?

1:12:10 - Did any friends of mine from junior high transition over to high school?

1:14:20 - Do I have any close friends now?

1:19:00 - Friendship and community are incredibly important for us

1:21:45 - What did I eat as a kid?

1:26:00 - Was I ever overweight as a child?

1:29:30 - Was I afraid of going to medical school?

1:36:40 - My experience with cars

1:39:45 - When did I first start messing around with my diet?

1:46:20 - Why did I stop following the vegan diet?

2:00:50 - When did I first begin incorporating more animal foods into my diet, and especially organs?

2:08:30 - What was I doing to make money during residency? And does money motivate me?

2:13:25 - Do I struggle with putting my reputation on the line?

2:20:10 - Did I think I would get kicked out of residency when I started putting out my own information?

2:25:00 - I know that many more people will benefit through my podcast and the Carnivore Code rather than pursuing conventional practices

2:27:45 - Do I have any grey hair? Girlfriend? Kids in the future?

2:38:35 - Sevan's last question for me: is there anyone in my life who really inspired me?


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