Video : What does a mainstream cardiologist think of my cholesterol? With Nadir Ali, MD

Dr. Nadir Ali is an interventional cardiologist with over 25 years of experience. He is also the chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. Before working as a cardiologist, he served as an assistant professor of medicine for eight years at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he also received his medical training.


Time Stamps:

0:09:44  Podcast Begins

0:11:00  Lifestyle change and the power of animal foods

0:16:38  Is red meat killing us?  

0:19:32  Humans are not hebivores 

0:24:31  The problem with mainstream cardiology

0:31:03  The full story of LDL [and oxidized LDL]

0:38:22  Changes in Dietary Fat Intake Alter Plasma Levels of Oxidized Low-Density Lipoprotein and Lipoprotein(a)

0:43:23  Lowering dietary linoleic acid reduces bioactive oxidized linoleic acid metabolites in humans 

0:43:50  Strong increase in hydroxy fatty acids derived from linoleic acid in human low density lipoproteins of atherosclerotic patients

0:44:44  Linoleic acid is at the root of heart disease  

0:50:08  LDL and immune health

0:58:06  Genetic Assessment of Potential Long-Term On-Target Side Effects of PCSK9 (Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9) Inhibitors

1:00:11  Evolocumab and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

1:02:05  Serious adverse events and deaths in PCSK9 inhibitor trials reported on Clinical a systematic review

1:02:56  The dark truth of PCSK9 inhibitors

1:05:12  Metabolic health is what matters  

1:07:04  Metabolic health is what matters  

1:08:07  Let' change the paradigm!

1:13:21  Dr. Nadir Ali's health optimizaton advice

1:18:12  Where to find Nadir Ali MD

1:22:48  Binding and Partial Inactivation of Staphylococcus aureus a-Toxin by Human Plasma Low-Density Lipoprotein

1:23:18  Why you should rethink your statin

1:26:24  The Framingham Study

1:26:56  High density lipoprotein as a protective factor against coronary heart disease. The Framingham Study

1:28:51  Mechanisms of HDL lowering in insulin resistant, hypertriglyceridemic states: the combined effect of HDL triglyceride enrichment and elevated hepatic lipase activity

1:29:44  LDL size matters

1:31:24  Clinical Effects of Cholesterol Supplementation in Six Patients With the Smith–Lemli–Opitz Syndrome(SLOS)

1:32:56  Mood, Personality, and Behavior Changes During Treatment with Statins: A Case Series

1:34:19  Determination of lipid oxidation products in vegetable oils and marine omega-3 supplements

1:34:29  Stop your omega-3 supplement!