Video : How Seed Oils Destroy Your Mitochondria and Lead To Chronic Disease, with Tucker Goodrich

Tucker Goodrich is a technology executive in the financial industry who designs, runs, and debugs complex systems in high-risk environments. Areas of expertise include risk management, systems management, and cyber-security. 


After experiencing some personal health crises and realizing that the ‘solutions’ offered by medical professionals weren’t working or addressing causation he started applying the same approach in research and evaluation of data to his own health issues to determine root causes. 


His interests have focused on dietary and environmental drivers of chronic disease, including carbohydrate, wheat, and various classes of fats. Specifically, he's attempting to understand and popularize understanding of the mechanisms driving the diet-derived explosion in so-called chronic diseases (or diseases of civilization). He is active on twitter (@tuckergoodrich, has a blog called Yelling Stop, is an Expert Advisor for the nutrition start-up Nutrita, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts.

Time Stamps:

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0:09:38   0:03:21   Podcast Begins

0:11:12   0:04:55   What is Linoleic Acid?

0:16:44   0:10:27   How Linoleic acid caused disease

0:21:06   0:14:49   Understanding cardiolipin and the electron transport chain

0:23:28   0:17:11   Linoleic acid drives mitochondrial dysfunction, causes chronic illness

0:26:41   0:20:24   Maintenance of Cardiolipin and Crista Structure Requires Cooperative Functions of Mitochondrial Dynamics and Phospholipid Transport

0:32:56   0:26:39   Linoleic acid is uniquely damaging

0:35:30   0:29:13   Myths surrounding linoleic acid

0:38:19   0:32:02   The supremacy of animal fats

0:41:05   0:34:48   Brief episode of STZ-induced hyperglycemia produces cardiac abnormalities in rats fed a diet rich in n-6 PUFA

0:42:25   0:36:08   How seed oil consumption leads to necrosis and CVD

0:49:38   0:43:21   Mainstream understanding of PUFAs is built on faulty epidemiology

0:56:21   0:50:04   Circulating levels of linoleic acid and HDL-cholesterol are major determinants of 4-hydroxynonenal protein adducts in patients with heart failure

0:58:49   0:52:32   All about OxLAMs

1:03:32   0:57:15   Oxidized omega-6s are essential for atherosclerosis 

1:13:33   1:07:16   Lowering dietary linoleic acid reduces bioactive oxidized linoleic acid metabolites in humans

1:14:30   1:08:13   Strong increase in hydroxy fatty acids derived from linoleic acid in human low density lipoproteins of atherosclerotic patients

1:15:38   1:09:21   The root cause of oxidative stress is linoleic acid

1:18:17   1:12:00   Metabolites of arachidonic acid and linoleic acid in early stages of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease—A pilot study

1:19:56   1:13:39   How Linoleic acid affects immunity

1:44:03   1:37:46   The linoleic acid-chronic illness hypothesis is air-tight

1:48:14   1:41:57   Calories In, Calories Out is the wrong paradigm

1:51:01   1:44:44   Role of Physiological Levels of 4-Hydroxynonenal on Adipocyte Biology: Implications for Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

1:51:53   1:45:36   Eating seed oils is about as smart as eating poison ivy

1:54:54   1:48:37   Tucker Goodrich radical paleo evangelism

1:58:19   1:52:02   Where to find Tucker Goodrich