Video : Controversial Thoughts: Your skin issues are related to your diet!!


Acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, all have their roots in inflammation and inappropriate immune system activation, but they are rarely discussed in the context of food… And yet the foods you eat are very likely to be triggering your skin issues! In this Controversial Thoughts video, I begin to look at just a bit of the research regarding this and discuss a few very interesting studies in dogs looking at a standard diet (much the like the standard American diet) vs a species-appropriate diet… Guess what? When dogs are fed a diet that’s what they are actually supposed to be eating, their skin conditions, inflammation markers, and genetic markers get much better! Imagine that…🤯 You mean feeding animals (or humans) garbage food could cause chronic illness, and returning them to a truly appropriate diet could correct this? 😜 Yup! I believe strongly that the same is true for humans, and have seen this countless times in patients, and from those in the #AnimalBased​ community. What if you don’t need those super expensive rinses and skincare products… What if you just need to return to eating a “species-appropriate diet”, aka an #Animalbased​ diet and your skin issues will improve? I’m betting they will!