Is there a way to reverse male (and female) hair loss? With Robert English


Rob English is a medical editor who specializes in hair loss disorders. He sits on the editorial board of Dermatology and Therapy, and he's the founder of – a website dedicated to showcasing evidence-based protocols for hair regrowth, with or without drugs. His fascination with hair loss began in 2007 – right after he was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. Today, he spends his time managing a small team of researchers and teaching other hair loss sufferers how to avoid his treatment mistakes. By employing an approach that prioritizes education over product purchases and one-on-one support over "one-size-fits-all" solutions, he has helped thousands of men and women improve their hair loss – and on their terms (most often without drugs). You can see his clients' testimonials and find his work at

Time stamps:

0:10:25 Podcast begins

0:11:30 Robert’s story of hair regrowth

0:21:35 Hormones and how they affect us and our performance

0:32:25 A Preliminary Investigation of the Enzymatic Inhibition of 5α-Reductase and Growth of Prostatic Carcinoma Cell Line LNCap-FGC by Natural Astaxanthin and Saw Palmetto Lipid Extract In Vitro

0:33:25 Everything is always dose dependent

0:36:05 What are the different types of hair loss?

0:48:35 Hair loss and how it relates to what we eat

0:54:32 Besides eating properly, what can we do to improve our hair growth?

1:12:25 Improving blood flow to the scalp and how it affects hair growth

1:17:45 Grey hair.. what causes it?

1:22:25 Robert's current experience with carnivore

1:26:15 Results of hair growth from carnivore

1:35:45 The general consensus is that diet does not help with hair regrowth

1:50:25 Reframing Nutritional Microbiota Studies To Reflect an Inherent Metabolic Flexibility of the Human Gut: a Narrative Review Focusing on High-Fat Diets

1:53:25 Further results of hair growth by simply changing their gut microbiota

2:07:55 What is the most radical thing Robert has done recently?


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