Is going plant-based the solution to climate change? With Robby Sansom



Robby’s roots run deep in the natural food community. Previously, as CFO/COO at EPIC, Robby spent much of the last decade studying regenerative agriculture at ranches all over the world. Through this education, Force of Nature was co-founded with the intention to accelerate the creation of a global regenerative supply network. Force of Nature works in partnership with land stewards, ranchers and farmers committed to creating a positive return on the planet. With Force of Nature, consumers now have the ability to invest in environmental regeneration by consuming meat that is good for the planet. Born and raised in Austin, TX, he received both a bachelor’s degree and a master's degree from the University of Texas. When he’s not building businesses aimed at saving the planet, Robby can be found on a trail, ocean, mountain or field, always making time to appreciate nature and explore his surroundings. Robby is also a land steward at ROAM Ranch where he owns regeneratively managed bison.


Time stamps

0:10:02 Podcast begins

0:11:00 The complex topic of climate change: what are Robby's initial thoughts?

0:22:20 Why do we think that cows cause climate change in the first place?

0:32:10 The truth about methane and it's affect on climate change

0:34:30 How does raising cows differently change the way they impact our planet?

0:41:40 Animals and plants together makes a healthy ecosystem, you cannot have a healthy monocropped ecosystem

0:45:15 A visual difference of monocropped and regenerative farmland

0:49:00 Organic is not regenerative

0:53:30 The reason there is so much amazing soil in the US is because there were millions of ruminants on our land

0:57:15 Can we scale regenerative beef and feed enough people this way?

1:04:00 When you buy regenerative beef, you are helping support change in the US

1:06:00 Healthy soil is vital for our ecosystems to let rain infiltrate

1:16:20 We need to walk backwards and correct the worst decision we have ever made

1:18:45 Healthy soil is much more resilient

1:23:30 We don't need new technology, because there is no limit to how much carbon we can take out of the atmosphere when we switch towards regenerative agriculture

1:35:15 The price of purchasing grass-fed/finished vs. conventional meat

1:42:00 Wrapping up with Robby Sansom



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